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Krishna Sales & Services

Founded by GK SHAH, is your go-to for genuine spare parts for all kinds of mobile cranes from top manufacturers worldwide.

We make it easy for you by offering all the parts you need for different types of mobile cranes, whether they’re Rough Terrain, Truck Mounted, or Crawler Mounted. Our customers trust us to provide reliable parts and technical support, just like the original manufacturers.

Since we started, Krishna Sales & Services has grown a lot. Now, we serve big companies and government organizations.



Our Vision

To be the top pick for spare parts and service support for all kinds of mobile cranes, specialized construction equipment, and imported components across India’s corporate sector and industries.

Our Mission

Our goal is to achieve national recognition and become the industry leader in sales of mobile crane and construction equipment parts by

  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Delivering orders promptly
  • Offering quality parts at competitive prices
  • Enhancing service support for technical analysis and repairs
  • Improving Operational Efficiency:

  • Efficiently managing inventory
  • Conducting rigorous quality checks
  • Establishing strategic logistics partnerships
  • Enhancing Supply Chain Competitiveness:

  • Implementing strategic procurement strategies
  • Collaborating with globally renowned suppliers
  • Forming financial partnerships
  • Upholding stringent quality assurance measures throughout the supply chain.


We pride ourselves on being your one-stop solution for all your mobile crane needs. We specialize in providing comprehensive services, including parts, service, maintenance, and refurbishing for all makes and models of mobile cranes. Our goal is to ensure your equipment operates at peak performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

These are used to create mechanical force in a linear motion using hydraulic pressure.

Electric motors

Electric Motors

These are used to start the engine of the excavator. They generate electrical power to charge the excavator’s battery and operate electrical components.

Hydraulic motors

Hydraulic Motors

These convert hydraulic energy into rotational mechanical energy to power crane movements.



They provide electrical power for starting the crane and operating auxiliary systems.

Crane Hooks

Crane Hooks

They are the attachment points for lifting loads using chains, slings, or cables.

Wire Ropes

Wire Ropes

These are used to connect the crane’s hook to the load being lifted and provide tensile strength.

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